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Yeah, Martin Scorsese still has it. Its shame for I didnt catch this at the cinema. Ogoliłeś sie. Ryan is the only actor who doesn't alter his hair in movies.


1980 too oldd WW84 trailer : 80's is amazing. And after the credits scene will be deadpool taking off his VR goggles. LUI CALIBER: THE BEGIN. “I had to put you into this Frank”. When you see Syncopy, you know it's whose. *Puts hair up Everyone: Its a guy *Puts hair down Everyone: suprised pikachu face. Nie powiem. jestem ciekaw jaka będzie Trójka. The story is the key, and Mulan's story is so good, so powerful and it also makes sense, OMG. This is the only movie that I am going to see that year.

This movie is so funny, worth watching, would recommend

I wish shed cut her hair like the original version. Did i die, then turn into some small, muscular boy scout? 😂 dudee. “Breathe breathe his hole left side is shutting down Eddie” Lolzzzz l cant breath every time it is like 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆. Lin Manuel Miranda always give him the most depressing roles (aka, John, Phillip & Justin) So I am now scared to watch this. Who eles is here watching this trailer again even after watching the movie. This is literally everything Ive ever wanted😭. “Hasnt happened yet” “What happened here?”. 4045: Jumanji: VS dragon ball super infinite ultraverse.


A gdzie Frycz. Kurwa pasikowski mi sie wydaje powinien kontynuować pitbulla z 2005. Im going to see this in cinema on Sunday before Xmas cant wait.