Masaker 2: Graba Brez Povratka Thriller Genre

January 1, 2020, 9:05 pm





Best slovenian production in recent year,hopefully nomination for Golden Lion in Cannes. Great performance by amateur actors on low budget with a lot of professionalism. The story takes place in slovenian region Slovenske Gorice in the countryside, where the locals live peaceful and normal live, with few exceptions though. The narrative is wrapped up in the Hitchock's perfectionism with critical moments enriched with stylish music reminiscent a bit of Tarrantino's Django unchained. The movie takes us to the story where everyone can find his own place and role but it shows us just a crucial details of normal and relaxed life that can be turned up-side down in one day, hour or even a second. However, 10 for casting, scenario and great performance. In shortly-horror, action and laughing in one step.