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January 6, 2020, 6:59 am





Initiative: 10/10 Initiative: 6/10. Can you do the same thing for Erwin Smith as a tribute, plz plz plz :3. BRING BACK KUNO AND KENJI LIKE EVERYONE. Yes let's ignore the 100 hour work weeks. Bring back the pump. Please make a video about erwin smith(RIP. Bring fishstick back. So this I the reason the game is mess up 🙃🙃🙃. 331 visual and 337 likes, ok. I hace a feeling dres doesnt quite kbow what frivolous means. 日本人が英語ペラペラやん やば!. Please bring all the guns back for one day maybe for like 3 weeks please. Review Kaneki's all of those Characters & also specially the one in which he thinks mother isn't evil. First 2 minutes of video = past century of USA history lol. Nice timing with the latest AoT episode xD. Can u bring back the candy axe please. And 12 comments when no one commented.


Mikasa es su casa please. Add more refund cards.