The Photographer and the Zebra Donkey Watch Free Solar Movies release date Online Now PutLocker megavideo

January 7, 2020, 7:22 am

The Photographer and the Zebra Donkey


He is the cutest mule xD. I though this animal was extinct O_ O whoa great discovery NatGeo. Imagine nature in its beauty. This animal looks a little like a devil from the front. What a strange creature. Great video though. Zebra Dads are jerks 😐. Its gonna be a long battle for then to keep it safe from poachers. “Simply Amazing “ Zebras have such magnificent almost magical hypnotic stripe patterning (put a pointed spiralling horn on their forehead we have the closest thing to the legendary Mythical Unicorn 🦄) LoL ps.I dont think buck-os going to be getting anything soon from mama (but she could be playing hard to get) his persistence though is what made this a treat to watch THx4sharing.

Lions, etc, will never prey upon this polka-dotted zebra, they will all be to confused. Tabby Zebra. I had a pic of one in 1996. I'd love to see one in real life. Zebra, Horse or Giraffe. I hope it's really Dad.  If it's not his foal, he won't stop until he kills it. It spreads its legs to take a drink. That's what I do with my girlfriend. I've learned something new today yay... Wwwxvideo. Com. Com. 🐘 That footage is absolutely astounding. I'd like to see more commentary from Ewan about how he felt a short time after the encounter when he had some time to calm down and reflect on it. That really was ! 🐘.


Rare polka-dotted zebra foal photographed in Kenya. The kid Should stop talking shees 😑. Can't help but wonder what GRASS they all ate that day. Feisty lot this. Thanks for sharing Bernhard and Kruger Sights. ~Durban~ xox.