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January 2, 2020, 9:44 am

Noje Darren Aronofsky




Despite the worst opening scene in Cinema History (which really didn't promise any good) this movie was absolutely not bad and its plot, although devoid of narrative subtlety, was nonetheless interesting.


Like it or not, scenes are unquestionably great (the arriving of the birds…) acting was good and the story catching: a bit of Gilgamesh, some Old Testament, some PS3 and a spiritual message.





Just another well done Hollywood CRAP. So this is how Krypton looked like when the planet was very young. Pretty much like our planet. Noah was actually Jor-El's ancestor. Damn Jor-El even inherited the way how Noah speaks! If God spoke to Noah, then now we know God spoke to Kal-El as well when he needed to save Metropolis (or the whole world) from the evil General Zod. Anyone knew that this was based on All you Need is Kill? A manga involving the same story just with different characters. #noje #hairismything #doingmore #doingdifferently #ambassadeurlorealprofessionnel. Florin Noje May 11. Giulia. 504,620 Followers Video Creator. Nöje Review & Unboxing. 56 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos taken at 'Expressen Nöje. Florin Noje - The Daily Show by #NOJE, Facebook.

Mitt i Stockholm – nyheter nöje och sport. SubscribeSubscribedUnsubscribe. Loading. Loading. Working. Home. Videos Playlists Community Channels. You know what it is I like about being Spiderman? Nothing This is probably going to suck like the last one, the first three were and still are better.

Man, one of my top 10 most favorite movies of all time.  HIGHLY underrated and sad it wasn't a bigger blockbuster because this movie deserved it.  Odd that this trailer portrays this movie as being somewhat bleek with this awesome song that I like a lot but it's not.  This movie is very clever, action packed, and surprisingly pretty damn funny at parts.  The story line is very well thought out considering that it's motto of Live, Die, Repeat sounds like a stupid action based Groundhog's Day adaptation.  I have watched this movie over a handful of times and I still enjoy it each time I watch it.  If you haven't watched it, please do as you will be very surprised as I was to how good it truly is. Des utilisateurs. Peter; you know what I like about being spiderman. Me; You know what I like about having new trailers. new footage.

Penn och Hopkins gör Petty-video - Piteå-Tidningen. Odin and Jor-El what a great movie. I believe that I am more in love with getting to know God and who he is. I think enjoying being a Christian is really important. You have to have a love for God and his law and with that everything else will fall into place. It's through that you learn to accept all that he's given, including Christ. I hope this makes sense but there's not too many movies about loving God and his word. There's always movies about commiting to salvation but never resting in him, loving him, being devoted and doing things, not because of reaching heaven but because the ultimate thing is to realize that God is seriously good and everything you need is in him.

300 was a more historically accurate movie lol

For those who believe no explanation is necessary and for those who do not believe no explanation is possible, i chose to believe a long time ago my life is not always easy but believing gives me hope i believe in God,Jesus and Heaven with all my heart i want to be reunited with my Mom and Dad and my little Baby Boys one day and i truly believe i will,. PLOT TWIST the kid is a schizophrenic and kills his whole family.

Wasn't this inspired by a manga? I think it was called All you need is kill. What I find amazing about Noah's story is that even today with all modern science and technology, they could not come up with better idea to survive a long apocalyptic flood than building a large ark. The movie 2012 is a good example of the duplication of Noah's story in a more modern way.

Dont hang me. Video. jesus. christ. superstar.

1:44 - 1:50 Lmao so cute and funny I can't 😂❤️

I already saw it! I saw an early release hahaha The movie was really good. Heaven is real. The kid's testimony is real. I heard the exact words they were in the beginning of the commercial and if he is giving a testimony of what his observations were from dead descendants relatives were he's telling the truth. One thing I know for sure is very real and is coming for us all.  Atheist better hope they are right.





Love when they tell you all the development of the movie in the trailer, and you dont want to see it now. Electro, Rhino, and. Goblin. His parents probably made him lie so they can become famous and make lots of money. Duh. Im smoking weed while am watching this, feels like heaven. I'd love to see this movie but even just watching the trailer makes me cry so I don't know how I'd do with watching the whole movie, haha <3. They forgot to write Based on a true story or Based on actual events. What is Odin and Hermione doing in here. Thank you for opening the door. Based on a manga title all you need is kill which was the original title of this movie but changed to edge of tomorrow. Russel Crowe, Emma Watson, and Anthony Hopkins. never thought i'd live to see the day that three of my favorite actors would be in a christian propaganda film.

Prequel to Oblivion? I don't care what anyone says about Tome Cruise, Good flicks. Animations suck. Learned that for the japanese release, theirs will be All you need is Kill and we get stuck with Edge of Tomorrow. WHAT. THE. HELL. OH GOD. THE ATHEISTS COMMENTS. I smell Source Code. Regurgitated bullshit. I wish they stayed truer to the original All You Need is Kill book this was based on. Shieet thats Jamie Foxx. We have no chimney. Whaaaat? Loughed so hard! I think they finally got the spidey right. Crack jokes, dodge beyond the level of WoW BC. Looking forward to see it.

Finaly a movie i can relate to. No one believes me that i can talk to ghosts either. Does anyone know if lil b is going to be playing god in this movie. he is my hero. I really loved this movie. 💜. Esylium + Halo 3 ODST.