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Inxeba, The Wound. 07.07.2017 Urucu Media, in co-production with Riva Filmproduktion, ZDF Kleines Fernsehspiel, Arte/ZDF, Oak Motion Pictures, Cool Take Pictures, Deuxième Ligne Films, Sampek Productions, Edition Salzgeber. ‘Inxeba (‘The Wound) Official Trailer HD. This film has caused controversy in South Africa because of the secrecy surrounding initiation, and it will be viewed by Xhosa very much as a hostile white man's view of the practice. There is little about the cutting (nothing is shown) but much about homophobia and bullying. It is clear that the filmmakers think (as I do) the idea that initiation makes boys into men is hollow.
It's a slow-burning drama with three central characters, Xolani ( X" a caregiver to a single initiate, Kwanda, among a group of about 10, three of whom are cared for by Vija. X has sex annually at the initiations with Vija, who is married (shades of Brokeback Mountain) but their relationship is ambiguous. Kwanda's sexuality is unclear, but coming from Johannesburg, he is more urbane than the others, and suspect for that reason. He is called a "faggot" but more as a general-purpose insult.
The initiates are all cut early on in the film; there is mention of painful herbs being applied, and infections, but not the significant risk of death. Near the end, Kwanda, who has said very little, dismisses the importance of the genital cutting (without actually denouncing it. The irony is that he _has_ matured from his experience on the mountain, but not in the way the traditionalists imagine. Another irony is that X seems to have learnt from his pupil.
What the film very much brings out is the urban-rural, traditional-modern tension in South Africa, though the setting is entirely traditional. I recommend it to urban people for a glimpse into a very different culture - that yet throws light on our own.

John Trengove's directorial debut ‘Inxeba (The Wound) is the most audacious and visually stunning – not forgetting vividly provocative – film to come to African cinema in recent memory. 25.10.2018 On this episode we talk about two award winning, highly acclaimed African films from 2017. Starting with South African film 'The Wound' discussing the contr. The Wound (Inxeba. I Am Not a Witch - Cinema. Inxeba - Wiktionary. The Wound (2017 film. Providing workouts and education that leads to holistic fitness, health, and well being. JOHANNESBURG - The co-writer of the award-winning film, Inxeba, The Wound, says it doesn&39;t break any secrets about the cultural practice of initiation. Malusi Bengu says the sacred seal on.

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