Directed By Santiago Loza Notebook Malambo, The Good Man

January 1, 2020, 12:02 pm

Malambo, the Good Man


This movie looks dope af! Also, the MC song fits perfectly. Everybody is hating on Steven segal But i just freaking love him xD. He's finally ginger. I know Im gonna love this movie. Should be tilted “Free: ragadoll”. This show is terrific. So well written and acted. This movie is sick. the best action movie ive watched on 2014. “Oh lord. heal this bike.”. Prepare thyself for the divine plan Yes, but is it the great plan or the ineffable plan, now.

Dale profeee vos podesssss. I FINALLY got that song out of my head after 18 Years (Rush Hour 2) and thanks to Fox/Disney, it's BACK! 🤬🤣😑. They should have named this movie Donuts and Xanax.