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January 2, 2020, 12:54 pm



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R.I.P. Mel Smith. Just watched this on Amazon Prime and LOVED it. Need to see more movies like this one. 1:06 song please. 3. The music reminds me so much of Mass Effect. Amazing film, thank you BFI, thank you Julien Temple. If you want to get hold of it, torrent it. Platinum Games <3. Every time a boss in a Platinum game gets staggered, I hear the chorus of 'Rules of Nature' in my head. Love the art and the atmosphere Gameplay looks like a blast. Im just glad to see Jax Teller again. You had me at Platinum Games. My first thought when I read the title was It's a movie filled with convenient plot devices. There's short series called Black Mirror, each episode tells a different story, and in one of the episodes the dude in this movie plays the part of guy who dies and is then recreated as an android by his grieving girlfriend. She's able to use all his social media records to recreate a basic version of his personality. It's actually quite thought provoking and well done.

I just saw this movie, and it was one of the best experiences ive had in a theater. great great great film. dont let the people that have some kind of nostalgia towards the 70s movie stop you from seeing this.