January 2, 2020, 4:04 pm

Thomas McGuane 92 in the Shade




I was a bit disappointed, because 92 in the Shade was my favorite book of that period. I even lifted it from the library in Arizona. I found it later under the seat of my pickup when I was living down on the Gulf of Mexico.
I would differ with the other reviewer, in that I don't find a comparison between this film and Fonda's other Florida picture, Ulee's Gold." That movie was simply the best performance Peter Fonda ever gave. In "92 in the Shade, we still come away thinking Fonda's mind was elsewhere while he was acting - and 'elsewhere' was far more interesting to him.





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I like to think of myself as a level headed, fair minded person. What happened to Rodney King and the subsequent acquittal of those cops was a travesty. HOWEVER - beating people in the streets, looting local shops, shooting firemen, arson? Watts 1965, Detroit and Newark 1967, King riots 1968, LA 1992. etc etc. This is just social lunacy and mass stupidity. If I were an American cop facing that sort of legacy... I might be heavy handed too. Scary world out there.

Why didn't the cops help the Koreans. Of July ยป 92 In The Shade (In D.C.) Naturally the mind drifts. With apologies to Thomas McGuane, but there is a reason he. We have reached the time in the life of the planet and humanities demands upon it when every fisherman will have to be a riverkeeper, a steward of marine shallows and a watchman on the high seas. 92 in the shade torrent. Wow, almost had it. It was exciting to watch. Thank you. There is no excuse to riot and behave like this, destroying peoples businesses that have nothing to do with the crime that was committed.


And blacks still wonder why they get beaten BECAUSE OF THIS.


South Central LA should have been permanently cordoned off with armed guards after that. This looks good. 92 in the Shade (1975. IM a guardia urbana moto cop, In spain we only need 1-3 cops to take controll of a fight and we use no violence and no killing. 92 in the shade (1975. Batman's got a flyrod in his utility belt too. Better have Koreans with guns. Better have rooftop Koreans. 92 in the shade dvd. 92 in the shadow. Remember your rights folks. When people threaten your livelihoods, families, and you for any reason you retaliate like those Koreans did. Otherwise you become an example of why. 92 degrees in the shade. 92 in the shade review. I hate cops. 92 in the shade catfight.






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