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250 million for one guy. nice. price to pay for it. what about the rest of the victims. And still they produce poison. Nothing changes. nothing will. Satan rules this world and has only one goal. destroy all people and everything on the planet. Obvious, ain't it.
Lots of money = lots of intentional confusion.
The catholic religion is complicated, I was raised in it.

The Pro Plug system should be used on trailers in the hire industry. Bravo Aube. Hej, That was good. Lets watch 8.3k subscribed. 1/4/19. Monsanto, prior to inventing 'RoundUp' had it's previous main revenue stream as the sole manufacturers of triggers for nuclear bombs. It also blackmailed the US government into making sure that Monsanto maintained a monopoly on this product which was also intentionally designed to help kill millions of people if it was ever used. RoundUp products are just a more subtle evolution of their evil.


BAYER/MONSANTO DIE. Monsanto destroyed all the seeds by genetics then everyone hated their stupid butts they went broke and Bayer had to buy them out after they destroyed the worlds natural seeds. Not only that they forced counties to give up their natural seeds and use they crap. In the early 2000's their worthless seeds would not sprout and caused a natural disaster of Zero crops. First comment. Es legal el tamaño de la bicera en ese país. 😐. Spectacularly how many monsanto trolls are on every video about monsanto (same as big-pharma) products or actions. And all are scientists, all are clear-mind, or rational, mocking and insult people who have something to say. Obviously it is horribly dirty business and they haven't anything to say, haven't any fact except trying to cover any topic with lunacy and anger, and block any communication about it. Obviously, massive crime.

Freightliner is the best ! en America Central, los camion freightliner son viejos, muy viejos, y funcionan muy bien ! bendiciones !salu. Great mods Paul. Really like the tube for the jack to change the tire. If you put a jack on both sides you could load the trailer without being hooked to the truck.

Excellent Visual, But Music put me to sleep

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