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January 18, 2020, 10:18 pm


It should not take any longer than 15 seconds for a trailer about sharks to show water. She is so pretty😍😍. Sharks are silent killers. Me before watching it: This looks awful. let's watch. Me after watching it: Baaaaby Shark do do do do do do Baby Shark do do do do do do... Mim deus. It will not play in HD. Darn Im 8 years late. This movie makes no sense at all,a shark would not keep attacking her if it knew she was not prey. Worst movie.

How do we survive and live the night with a shark in the water I be like we go home and chill and get into the pool because its safe. It's basically Jaws 3D. ALÉM DE QUEDA,COICE. 3:12 this is love. I love that movie. Just a little fact. I watched this movie and some guy threw this little dog to a snake. I know it's for survival reasons it's just that my favorite animal is dogs.



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