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Other than or other then. Other than light. Other than 10. Other thanksgiving. Other than that synonyms. Other than in spanish. Other than honorable discharge navy.





This movie needs to be 10hours long in order to answer all the questions about the previous 2 movies and character developments lol.

This has to do nothing with the rise of “Skywalker”

2019: The saga ends 2020: The rise of the saga. First and foremost, hello! Im usually a lurker because Im not totally caught up on the show but I really love to read the opinions on the cast of the show and the side stories so thanks for that. Also, because Im not caught up, feel free to correct me on anything I get wrong. I dont care at all about spoilers, just give me context. From what I understand there is another couple that chose adoption but I wont speak to their story since Im not familiar with it. I would watch more and be more.

It starts with people needing some help. It might be a girl you like, or some guys youre trying to impress, or even just an old buddy you bump into on the street. The important thing is that youve got a reputation for smoking weed and theyd like some. Maybe theyre new to town, or they want to throw a party and want to impress someone as a one off, but they need you. They need your help. So thats what you do. You start to “help” them out by buying weed on their behalf and then you start char.

Free stream other than women.


Steam 2019 Winter Sale Megathread. “There hasnt been a ghost sighting in 30 years” Everybody liked that. Free stream other than men. I love GDT he's good at things like this. His book The Night Eternal was one of the best I've read. Now this movie was made. Creepy as hell but good 😂. I cant wait to get kicked out of the theater for having vietnam flashbacks to these books traumatizing me in elementary school. Talk to me, Goose! 1 like = 1 voice. Im not lie, I've ever making out with emma. 😖 But in a dream 😭😭😭. Your kind is headed for extinction. The joke's on you, admiral. You can't replace everything with mindless drones. One day they'll fail you. A pilot won't.

2019: the saga end 2020: darth plagueis the wise. a star wars story. I'm crying at this and idk why. Instant family, just add water. Free Stream Other than x. Edit: thank you all for the support and account is brand new so my replies are not showing for some reason. I'm gonna dig deeper in the system Ea is currently using and posts ips of their servers for people to approve my findings on their own. As soon as you start fifa and see Connecting to Ea servers on screen, you ping multiple servers around the world to determine your matchmaking region. The regions are as follow. Europe (Germany) Hosted by Amazon - Europe (Irel. This movie can cause literal moods. I cried, snorted and cackled and smiled a lot. Not lying this was 100000000000000000/100.

Remember kids: nobody hates Star Wars as much as Star Wars “fans.” Keep that in mind going into this one. Oh,somebody made a film of this. Who's the. see Guillermo del toro as director BUYING THE MOST EXPENSIVE SEAT INTENSIFIES. Can't wait to see this but I'm struggling to see Laura Dern as marmee. Free Stream Other than one.


2019: the saga ends 2020: wait. I swear this is the last one. I remember laughing so hard I couldn't breathe for some time because of the bad cop/bad cop bit. 6 Best Kodi Alternatives for Free Streaming - The best of 2019. Okay I can already tell from the trailer that this is nothing like the book. Do you ever see this sub posts and think: this guy has major issues. Imagine if you went to a mirror and played Bloody Mary to your reflection then you get scared. Its called Afterlife cause they know the last movie killed the franchise.




IF IT WAS A REMAKE YOU NIGGAS WOULD STILL COMPLAIN. Lets make sure audience ratings on rotten tomatoes are positive because of the studios proactivity. By far one of the best movies ive ever watched. funny yet an instant tear-jerker. 11/10 recommend.


Turn pubg into a eft type game would make me play it again 💪. I didnt know I needed this, with this exact cast, until they showed it to me. Now I literally cannot think of anything else. Still more realistic than Battlefield V... 2019: The saga ends 2020: Nothing. 0:42 Arya in Game of Thrones when she's finally taken seriously. It was an emotional rollercoaster really well acted in fact genius. Get another language. A minute. The illustrations for these books were the scariest thing i had ever seen in my life.

Rose byrne is great actress, love her.

The music rreminds me of memes hhhhhhhahahaha ppl dieing and im laughing

How to make channel disgusting in one second. The original was scary as hell - I used to watch it when I was a kid and it always creeped me out. I don't think you can top that one with a remake; It's like the remake of not the same. WHATS THE POINT RELEASING THE TRAILER SO EARLY WHEN THE MOVIE WILL BE OUT ON SEPTEMBER. WHY LEAVE US THIRSTY TO WATCH IT 5 MONTHS EARLIER. PLEASE RELEASE A TRAILER 2 MONTHS PRIOR TO A MOVIE'S RELEASE DATE. When zombieland comes out in theatre I'm bringing a box of twinkies with me. I'll share.


Dude the ending was so depressing! 2 year old Gabe never had a chance! I had hoped a cop would have driven by in the night and seen him alone in the car and would have taken him upon noticing noone in the house and the damage and blood inside... Fiction. Waiting for the new take my breath awaaaaaaayyy uhnnnn uhnnnn version. Aight everyone get ready to hear me sobbing like a mf in the back of the theater every night it plays when my baby anthony cries 🥺❤️. 2019: “The saga will end” 2020:There is another: A Star Wars Story. Who else is a HUGE fan of We got this covered? 💘 👇🏼 👇ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴍʏ ɴᴇxᴛ 17 sᴜʙs🎁 With notíś💞. Get another hatch today. Other words than get. You should be at least a two star admiral by now, yet here you are. captain. Why is that? Well, have you ever heard of an admiral's daughter by the name of Penny Benjamin, sir.

Get other chance. Is the other me made the same mistakes I made and is that me better than this me? This quote is so deep. I need to watch this movie ASAP.






Im so glad they stayed broken up to make it more realistic. They had problems and they grew apart. it happens. Heartbroken and all she got through it with her friends by her side. and some alcohol and drugs 😂. Everybody gangster until the skeleton lady finds her toe. I loved this movie so much i want to watch it again i watched it when i was like 9. A spaceship lands in the middle of a city and all they do is put a little fence around it? the effects of the event are so minimally felt from the first scene. Also, how did that woman who was being filmed know to look behind her in the sky out of nowhere? How is live audio and video transmission over lightyear distances possible? I've never seen battlestar galactica but the main actor just feels like a horrible fit. She and her husband and even their child look completely out of place, and though they want us to believe they are a loving couple they sound as if they're on the verge of a divorce in the opening scene. Also as many have pointed out, the bratty kids on the ship are just plain annoying and tedious to sit through as they whine and groan about every order they have to do, rather than thinking about the mission to save the human race. I did like the way the ship's interior looked, and some shots of the white star were quite nicely done. But why does every planet they land on look like earth? How did the scriptwriter even think about coming up with lines like We don't even know if there's life here while there's water, trees, grass and living shit everywhere in the background? This show is just cutting corners everywhere, and generally just bad directing, bad casting, bad plot, and horrible dialogue. How could you mess this up so badly is beyond me.

Just imagine if they let Dave Filoni direct a whole trilogy. Best movies ever XD

Yeshua Christ.