December 29, 2019, 8:27 pm




Ip mas is good, but it ain't got nothing on fearless. Bruce lee himself was not egotistical within his craft. He literally was the one who discovered his life essence through martial arts, and shared that message. This is all bullshit. Love both martial artists, being a 'sick' yellow man myself and over 35 years old I would say Mr. Lee over Mr. Li any day but love them both can not and will not choose. I thank you though for the very memory of my childhood hero and the ONE to come.

How you take of your glasses to see lol. Esa ya llama mister robot.

No me gusto ademas la protagonista principal (mujer) tenia los dientes torcidos

Gilazo mirá de nuevo la peli y te va a dar cuenta. espero... For free 4shared sin miedo 2. Yeh he could make bruce lee cry. Excelente película 🎥 más todavía que filmaron suelo tucumán, espero que se devuelvan la capital, porteños. FOR FREE 4SHARED SIN médoc. Study Brucie's face. No scar tissue, no hooked nose, no off chin or damaged ears. Clearly he has never been hit in the face. Jet Li on the other hand actually won several competitions in China. Li would beat Lee in real life.

@Mottahead I agree 100 percent. A movie like this should be made about Helio Gracie.
Remember every legend died young. dont be a legend my friend.

2016, but it came out in 2017. Here is the link Sin'counter Sin miedo OnLinE free no sign up Megashare Sin miedo Sin on the website….


I think of what could have been if man was not so messed up. With all the technology we have what a warrior he was in movies and off the movie sets... Jet li has more action. he my fav. Hey wasn't that guy with the glasses in Last Samurai.


Watch Online Gorillavid. Ya no consumo televisa peroooooo. hasta que veo que saldrá algo bueno. Apparently this seems to be a very touchy issue in a feminised society, where men aren't allowed to be male and agressive anymore. As if the world was explored and conquered by estrogen.