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January 5, 2020, 12:15 am

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They really turned 7 Rings into a song for a scary movie😂. 1:32 I'm so tough, I can break a gerbils neck. I didn't choose the thug life. The thug life chose me. Dude had a strong grip on his camera in the middle of his soul being sucked out. One of the best movies Ive seen all year. Is that ariana's fantasy to include 7 rings in horror movie😅. As the saying goes Careful what you wish for. 0:15 Creepy cliche smile to indicate it's a horror. Check. I've watched paranormal activity movies long enough to some of these parts aren't gonna be in the movie.

I just finished watching this. amazing cast, best horror/thriller movie I've seen in a couple of years. Its worth the watch.

Saw this yesterday the ending is the best ever

No sens. shiit.



Seems nice. I don't this looks amazing and half of this looks pretty awful. Reminds me of the movie the gift. Good story poor execution. Has anyone added jessabelles snapchat D: lmfao im scared too. Cutie Pupper. The next dominant species will be something that man creates.

Who would add Jessabelle on snapchat 😂

The Skeleton Key copy... Can someone just bomb the pyramid and call the military. Spoiler alert: it is not going as they planned. “Hey 2020 teenagers! Remember the 70s? ”. When does it come out.


The traiiler looks great, and it's a Blumhouse Production! That means it's gonna be scary as hell! Cannot wait, it's like Jason Blum can do no wrong. You know the funny thing?When Jessabelle father first time appears in one of the video tapes,he looks 10 years older then in presence,and we're talking about good 20 years in past. Cools :D. I thought this was gonna be some erotica film until i saw “from the producers of get out and halloween” 😂😂. THIS IS LITERALLY A REMAKE OF THAT TV SERIES WITH THE MONKEY PAW EFFECT LMAO. This is the most amazing horror movie ive watched in a long while. Now I can't sleep D.






So she dies in the end or the creator dies. geez i thought it was emilia clarke on the thumbnail. So is this officially a thing with this studio? Turning songs into horror themes in trailers. Well the one from the Us trailer was good.


I loved this movie. Not as much jumpscares as I expected, and very heavy on the psychological horror and violence one could expect from a situation like this, I thought it was carefully crafted and had me to the edge of my I really don't get scared easily. That is just my opinion though, so don't go hating on me pls. WHAT NAME FIRST SONG? MEXICANO.