Us Against the World: A Washington Rowing Legacy isoHunt google drive no ad

January 4, 2020, 12:22 am






Just finished the book - huzzah to The Boys! Blue skies from now on... A tremendously inspirational and poignantly moving true story. I read it twice, privileged to be able to immerse myself in this absolutely amazing story. Enjoyed the video, thank you. I wonder if Cox Moch was questioned about his Jewish heritage in Berlin? Or, how many rowers/athletes were questioned prior to competition.

Wonderful book. best ever! I read the last chapter 4 times. it was so thrilling. Steven Spielberg, please make this Movie. I saw the PBS program on this team. The race PTL gave the U.S. the worst lane, outside lane, fighting current and strong wind. The Nazi didn't cheat their way to a win. Great American story that was edited wonderfully. I think I would have preferred the film focusing on the obstacles the boys faced and overcame in order to win the race instead of making the act of rowing some kind of otherworldly salvation. It seems like a great exercise. What about going to church? Can you find salvation at church.

Great stuff. Thanks for producing. Wow! the Italians had some lay-back.