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January 18, 2020, 12:44 am








This is one fine Marathi cinema. Acting, cinematography and direction- you can't get better that this. Subodh Bhave has already proved himself over and over again and Vaidehi Parshurami is simply brilliant!
Portraying a biopic of a person as complicated as Kashinath Ghanekar on big screen is a challenge. This movie does that a justice. However, the are a few parts where movie fails to make sense. Character sketch of Irawati Ghanekar is far too weak to complement any scene or it's depth. So much so it felt like screenwriter tried to soften the blow of the heartbreak to come. Also, the timeline of the character's life is not clear. Beginning, end nor the lapse of time is clear enough to bring to audiences' attention the timeline of career or relationships.
Having said that, it's a movie you must watch if you want enjoy brilliant acting and direction, while forgiving some flaws that are inevitable in a biopic.