(Tablet) Streaming 87Th Greek Independence Day Parade Monova High Definition

January 5, 2020, 2:53 am


87th Greek Independence Day Parade




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ΤΟ ΣΚΟΠΙΑΝΟ ΔΕΝ ΤΕΛΕΙΩΣΕ ΟΥΤΕ ΞΕΧΝΙΕΤΑΙ - ΑΚΥΡΩΝΕΤΑΙ! Η ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑ ΜΑΣ ΕΝΩΝΕΙ ΔΕΝ ΜΑΣ ΔΙΧΑΖΕΙ! ΨΗΦΙΖΟΥΜΕ ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑ! ΘΑ ΤΟΥΣ ΞΕΜΠΡΟΣΤΙΑΣΟΥΜΕ ΘΕΛΟΥΝ ΔΕΝ ΘΕΛΟΥΝ! ΔΙΚΑΙΩΣΗ ΜΟΝΟ ΜΕ ΤΗΝ ΑΚΥΡΩΣΗ ΤΟΥ ΑΙΣΧΡΟΥ ΠΡΟΣΥΜΦΩΝΟΥ! Ο ΝΕΟΣ ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΚΟΣ ΑΓΩΝΑΣ ΣΥΝΕΧΙΖΕΤΑΙ! ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑ ΣΗΜΑΙΝΕΙ ΜΟΝΟ ΕΛΛΑΔΑ. This nation has a lot of girls. As a Greek i am happy that there are not pay your dept cliche comments. Love you all guys for the support god bless America. I wonder how many of those so called Warriors pigane Fadari 4 real.

Kenya watching. Thanks for this lovely video. I really enjoyed it. I saw Lil sis looking smart in uniform so did babe. That large group in grey uniform who were they? Those bikers reminded me of someone leading the police a dance last year along the wharf side and through Broad Street. I wish I was at the parade. Hi grandad. Just like Churchill, his country hated him, but Greece loves him. Thank you Trump. Comes from a Greek... Quit watching fox until they protect Tucker and the Judge. İndepence from whose. God bless president Trump. Τώρα έμαθα για την ύπαρξη του καναλιού σάς καί είναι το πρώτο βίντεο πού παρακολουθώ. Τούς χαιρετισμόυς μου και την αγάπη μου από την όμορφη Ελλάδα μας καί από την όμορφη Θεσσαλονίκη.♥️♥️♥️.

I'm in the video sea cadets. Happy Independence Barbados! Love the land of my birth! 🎂. We want Judge Jeanine back. Really we shocked the world you had a billion dollars and we Shock the World Kool-Aid I got your Kool-Aid dude cuz I got my guns come on dude I'm ready for Civil War. But why the speak with the barbarian language. I like that he is honoring American Peoples cultures. We need to bring ALL America together. We dont need to fight over the crooks in politics. XD We have to get back to calling and seeing each other for what we are American Brothers and Sisters period. I think we should honor each others beliefs and non beliefs like they are doing the cultures. Why not have a Day/a Week a Month to celebrate each others beliefs,or non beliefs.

Hi I wanted to tell you this but I am a full Barbadian I am now in secondary school. 1. Yes, Macedonians are Greeks. I'm Greek Canadian. love my neighbor's. USA. love my country. GREECE. GOD BLESS TRUMP. THE WORLD NEEDS MORE TRUMP'S. GREECE Hellas,patrida mou i love you.