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Hi everyone! made a throwaway account to share my honest opinions about RJC. I graduated from rj 2 years ago and am currently at NUS. With so many posts about XJC vs YJC, I believe its the jae period? sorry if it's over already but you could read this to prepare yourself. I came to ri (arts stream) by jae too with 3 points and I remember how elated I was when I came to know I would be able to go to the best JC in Singapore (subjective but commonly accepted as such. But little did I know what.



A very personal and dillentantish top 15 of the decade list. 1. Drive: The B - movie I've been waiting for my while life: simultaneously trashy, arty, entertaining, emotional and unforgettable. Much praise has been lavished on Nicolas Winding Refn's style, and for good reason - this is a movie where the editing, the dreamy neon - drenched cinematography, and the very posed, almost primal images threaten to overtake the story. But multiple rewatches have revealed the film's very substance: not only is this a story told with the cold no BS efficiency that d.

My boyfriend was the most amazing and life-changing person I have ever met. Since day one we clicked in a way that just doesn't even seem plausible. We went through so many things together, good and bad, that have bound us in a way that that made us absolutely inseparable. He was my Siamese twin. He had a rough time with his abusive mom, so I let him move in with me and my mother. He says that the time he's lived with me is the happiest of his life. And I would've said the same. Everything wou.

Over the last few years I've noticed a trend among viewers of streams and YouTube channels (and snapchat and instagram, etc. etc.) that seems to becoming more and more common. A trend where people say one line that sticks out to me like a sore thumb. One line written in many different ways, but a line that has the same meaning every time. You were there for me during a dark time. At first this might seem like an innocent or sweet thing to say, but if you look into it, it seems to be sa.

This podcast helped arrest my stalker. Best Surface Apps and Tools 2019 Edition. My time with Stadia. Ok, so just a disclaimer - I'm actually not a big anime guy, like most people here, and this was a while ago now. I'll answer any questions you might have to the best of my ability, but please just bear with me, ok? Back in 2004-05, there was a TV channel that had segment dedicated to adult anime that aired every Saturday and Sunday. It was there I was first exposed to stuff like Akira and Bubblegum Crisis - there were many, many others, but honestly they all kinda blended together into a bland.

With the year coming to an end let's make a list of the best apps, tools, and plugins or features available for the Surface Family as of December 2019. These threads have been super helpful to me over the years but I think the last major thread like this was a couple years ago. Post away and I'll edit everything back into an easy to use master list in a couple of days. If things go well maybe the mods will sticky a new thread annually. Please use the following format. Category (i.e. digit. Firstly, I hope everyone appriciates how much effort it takes to get get this stuff up. I don't mean just myself but dataminers like /u/ElNinoFr (and other I'm sure. u/solitaired for posting everything on GameFaqs, u/Stylus_Index, u/onthefauItline, and /u/Leyroux for the translation work and /u/Pyrotios for always checking my work and helping make sure these things are accurate. With it being the holidays and this dropping on a Friday night it's not the easiest to get done, so thanks to ev.

The thing in the hallway. Fellow men, I'm in recovery after 20 years of drinking and doing drugs. I recently had my first child and I want to encourage them to get involved in all types of sports in the hope that it gets them interested in health and fitness, so they don't go down the same road I did. I'm a man who has never been interested in team sports. In my part of Australia, the options were really only rugby, Australian Rules Football or cricket. I'm not interested in any of those really. I don't mind watchi. I'm the girlfriend of someone addicted to porn and that has almost killed me.