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NO LONGER PLAYING Wild Daze With passion and conviction, Wild Daze walks a tightrope race for survival by braving the tenuous tie between humans and non-humans. Set in Sub-Saharan Africa, in her compelling and new documentary director and producer Phyllis Stuart shares the unvarnished truth about the battle between our paradoxical craving to control nature and our ultimate need to save the wild. Wild Daze takes audiences gently through Africa's complex and murky complicity and corruption to witness how human activity takes a huge toll on the wild. Anchored by stunning visuals and emotional interviews, experts like Dr. Jane Goodall and American trophy hunters leave audiences wanting to know how to help protect the wild animals who share our home. Stuart does not lead with destruction but instead shows us Africa and its heartbreaking beauty while revealing the potentially irrevocable consequences if we cannot turn the tide against this dire ecocide. All human beings are tied to animal welfare in ways both ethical and existential. Saving the rainforest and its precious biodiversity helps everyone. Most people don't realize African wildlife is facing extinction, but believe Africa is a massive frontier teeming with wildlife still largely devoid of humans, but we have lost 83% of wild mammals and 50% of plants. During the course of filming and meeting hundreds of seasoned conservationists, Stuart learned how saving the wild is as much about helping people as it is about protecting non-humans. However, since human beings are dependent on nature when we work to save nature, and non-humans, we are really working to save ourselves. Since human survival hangs in balance, we must decide whether we see ourselves as superior, as custodians, as entitled consumers or as a part of a delicate ecosystem. Employing mesmerizing visuals captured by brilliant wildlife photographers and seasoned cinematographers, aided by powerful narration from Emmy-winning actor, Keith David, and bolstered by a bold musical score from Emmy-winning composer, Lolita Ritmanis.

YouTube Wild Daze. Wild dances gymnastics floor music. ABOUT WILD DAZE Wild DaZeBraving the tenuous relationship between us. Founded by filmmaker, Phyllis Stuart, who is committed to finding solutions for wicked problems. Wit. See More Community See All 26, 339 people like this 27, 629 people follow this About See All (310) 229-5365 Contact Wild Daze on Messenger Movie Impressum Page Transparency See More Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. Page created - August 4, 2013.

Wild dance intensive. Wild date. Wild dance parties. Wild dave herrin. Wild dazed and confused. Wild dame de compagnie. Wild Daze Synopsis: This powerful cinematic call to action demonstrates the dire challenges facing species who depend on biodiversity, including our own. Through interviews with conservation experts ranging from Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE to wildlife trophy hunters, filmmaker Phyllis Stuart explores the relationship between international crime cartels, colluding government officials, animal poaching, the illegal ivory trade, cattle barons and human beings, as she examines how rampant corruption complicates the fight to save species nearing extinction. Wild DaZe  shows this ecocide is not simply an African problem. Saving their precious rainforest and biodiversity will help us all. Not only are animals being driven to the brink of extinction, but the humans living with the wildlife are also being exploited and displaced. This illegal wildlife trade is driven by many factors including unbridled crime and corruption, armed insurgents, trophy hunting, the pet trade, the bush meat trade and an insatiable consumer demand for natural resources. Since human beings are dependent on nature when we work to save nature, and non-humans, we are really working to save ourselves. Since our  survival hangs in balance,  we must decide whether we see ourselves as superior, as custodians, as entitled consumers or as a part of a delicate ecosystem. Wild DaZe  photos and materials are solely for personal, non-commercial use, provided any trademark, copyright or other notice from such content is not removed. Photo by Michael Poliza.

Wild daze. Wild dances floor music. Login • Instagram. ABOUT If a documentary doesn't   challenge you, it cannot change you. Wild Daze  is a compelling new documentary depicting the complexities of African wildlife conservation revealing how we are all complicit in the dire loss of its wildlife and forest peoples. The film deftly wades audiences through Africa's complex and murky complicity and corruption to witness how human activity takes a huge toll on the wild. Since human survival hangs in the balance, we must decide whether we see ourselves as superior, as custodians, as entitled consumers or as a part of a delicate ecosystem. In May 2019 the United Nations published a report revealing how one million (of the estimated 8 million plant and animal species on Earth) are at risk of extinction — many of them within decades – and how humans will also suffer greatly. Since most people know little about Africa and its dire wildlife ecocide Stuart created this new feature-length documentary to galvanize audiences before its too late.  Few understand how much the African environmental crisis impacts the West and even fewer know international crime cartels are fueling unsustainable wildlife loss.  But this film shows what is at stake and was sculpted to transfix audience, s not just from the outrage of loss, but to engage them to empathize with exploited locals and imperiled non-humans. Wild Daze is an active proponent for Nature Needs Half, a science-based, culturally relevant, open-structure public movement to protect and interconnect at least half of the earth's lands and seas for the well-being of all life. Our esteemed documentary cast includes seasoned wildlife experts, scientists, journalists, locals, tribal rights activists, farmers, rangers, economists, authors, politicians, artists, animal activists, eco-tourism professionals, trophy hunters, and tons of wildlife like 'Future' an orphaned baby chimp, Toto' a wild bull elephant and 'Koko' the talking gorilla, who all share an urgent conservation goal. Ofir Drori with his first rescue chimp, Future.

Shop wild daze. Wild dances lyrics. Pink wild daze. Wild dave's trailers. Wild daze. Wild dave's herrin. Wild dance stallion. Wild daze 2018. Wild dancers. Wild daze blog. Wild daze movie. Wild dazed. Wild daze instagram. Wild dance convention 2019. Edit Storyline Wild DaZe is a feature-length documentary following passionate people who work to save wildlife despite the numerous threats facing their survival including Africa's rampant, systemic corruption and crime. Filmed in 9 countries, the documentary cast list includes seasoned wildlife experts, eco-tourism businessmen, tribal and animal activists, trophy hunters, poacher hunters and emerging conservationists who advanced our shared goal: biodiversity conservation: The threats human pose to wildlife include crime, corruption, deforestation, the bush meat trade, legal and illegal) hunting, poaching, exploding human population and unfettered wildlife product demand. Human beings are totally dependent on nature - and that when we work to save nature, we're really working to save ourselves. Since human survival hangs in balance, we must decide whether we see ourselves as superior, as custodians, as entitled consumers or as a part of a delicate ecosystem. Written by Phyllis Stuart Plot Summary, Add Synopsis Taglines: Save The Wild, Save Yourself Details Release Date: 8 August 2019 (USA) See more  » Also Known As: Elephant DaZe Company Credits Technical Specs See full technical specs  ».

Wild dozer videos. Wild dame de. Wild dances ruslana lyrics. Wild dame. Wild daze mika francis dreadlocks. Wild date limite. Colville wild turkey daze. Wild dance. It's easy, perhaps even logical to fear the unknown. We humans are creatures of habit. We are conditioned by nature to feel safest surrounded by what we know, in our familiar environments. However, isn't it always the case that what we truly desire, what will genuinely challenge us to become stronger, better and wiser versions of ourselves lies just outside our comfort zones? It is my belief, that routine and these  comfort zones  we construct, are what truthfully cripple us in living a most fulfilled life. We have all experienced a life of routine, perhaps never even straying from the path set out for us by society. So with that I ask you to recall a period of your life -perhaps this even applies to the present- when you simply did not notice the faces of the people you passed on your way to work. When was the last time you looked up at the night sky just to stare at the stars? Is there a period of your life that you genuinely can't remember because every day was only a slight variation from the last? These thoughts used to terrify me. Not only was I living a life detached from what made it so beautiful and fascinating, but I had given up before I had even started seeking something MORE. My biggest fear was the thought that when I came to the end of my life, I would look back at only a blur of mechanical movements. Just shifting through the years, only to recall short holidays, or some lone incidents I may have stumbled in to. I made the decision to OVERRIDE my future. To make my own destiny and seek an existence that leads me on a constant path of discovery and awe because the TRUTH is, we forget too much of our lives!  The time spent filling the void between the next holiday, the next weekend whatever it is, it's not living. So this is why travel is so important. It's a chance for us to create memories spent seeking a truer existence! Resist the tug of conformity in order to truly fulfil that desire and curiosity once so wild and pressing when you were a child! I mean, why is it that we seem to lose this desire to explore as we grow older? Is it really because of societies constant pressure to follow a set path? It's time to un-teach yourself that of which the older generations have concluded. You don't have to give up living in order to find security and 'success. Is not the real success but being happy? So lets talk about the fears and rationalities of those fears that come with solo travel. Firstly, you might be wondering, But wouldn't it be preferable if possible to not travel alone. Absolutely not! Here's why; Solo travel is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself. Speaking from the perspective of someone who has suffered with anxiety amongst other mental health issues, I can tell you honestly and confidently that it would be the most positive, self assuring thing you will ever do. Overcoming anxiety is something that has changed my present life to the point where I feel like a completely different person! It made me realise that I was capable of enduring much more than I gave myself credit for. It was the first time I'd been truly self-reliant. With no home comforts or family around for me to lean on, I had to dig deep and deal with my problems in different ways, which often meant tackling the situation head on. It was either find away around the problem or be stuck at a stand still. Anxiety suddenly became an irrelevant issue, for once I knew what I was capable of, I only began pushing myself further! If what you're worried about is being alone, I can tell you now, that will be the least of your problems. Making friends on the road is as easy as  "hi. In the 3 months I travelled around South East Asia, not once did I feel alone. I would even make friends whilst sitting in the airport waiting for my gate to open. It's not hard to spot someone who's backpacking, and given that 90% of the travellers I met were going it alone, everyone is in the same boat and is just as grateful  for your companionship as you are for theirs. You reach new levels of companionship on the road. Spending 24/7 with people means relationships grow quickly. After a week with one person you feel like you've been friends for life. I even remain in contact with some people I spent less than a day with. One crazy night can bond people for life! The next issue people are often faced with is the old urban legends! Horror stories of muggings, cons, illness! Let's tackle this now; you might get mugged, you might get sick, you just could trip over your own feet and die! But you forget that you're also liable to these possibilities every day in your home country and yet it doesn't stop you leaving the house! Granted the possibility of these things happening abroad does increase the drama factor, but rest assured as long as your travelling you will be surrounded by fellow backpackers and locals who will just about bend over backwards to help you, because like anywhere in the world, there is good and there is evil. Keep your wits about you and you will survive! If it helps, compare your fear to the rewards; day dream the 'what if's' or actually set out and see those incredible places, taste the food, submerge in culture and lose your insecurities with the help of like minded people! I'm hoping some of what I've touched on is enough in itself to inspire you to take a leap of faith! But if you're still lacking the courage, you can always ease yourself in with a tour to build up your confidence. People never tell you how easy it will be, but theres a whole world of possibility out there and you're lucky enough to have it in your grasp! If you don't want to be subjected to living in a 'zombified state' be bold enough to decondition your thinking and begin the search for your own reality. Wake up and realise there is no map for how to live your life! Let's continue to follow this urge to find purpose and retain our desire to explore and understand. It is either this or stay oppressed by fear of the unknown, to not live but instead slowly die? Let's encourage each other to stay curious! Let us be brave and reckless! Because after all, the word reality is just that, a word. Happy travels, Mika.

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