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Still stupid movies to me. It doesn't look scary.

I thought this was a parody because that Sneeze/Bless You scene came of really cheesy lol

The 4th one isn't that scary, but it's a good movie. I think the first 3 movies are wayy scarier. 1:33 when you dont share with me pizza. Ok I don't care about the baby or mom but I just need to know: did the dog live.


Call the gostbusters. น่ากลัววว. Terrible actors, terrible script. Even if its not gonna be hella creepy i love the concept.


Stop making sequels of this. enough, ever heard of diminishing returns. Idk why but if western movies was made in Asia it's autonomously turned into creepy shiitt 😂😂instead it look bored & dull when they've made it on western ground... I'm American but I have to admit it,Asian rules for horror. What was weird about the movie is when the girl at the end snapped the dad and the moms back and then killed hunter I think.

I cant believe i went to see all the paranormal activities. wasted my money to see something that gets worse and worse. pussies be like omg this is the scariest movie i ever saw. stfu. Creepy. Holy mackerel! it is fucking creepy XD Extremely recommended to check out the video titled Scary poltergeist recorded on webcam (disturbing ending. from the channel uncertaintiestv. It is quite intense.

Alternate Title: Paranormal 5: Toby in the Hood. You're a waste of time. Super hahahahahha moj prijatelj se usra. The one to ruin the franchise. Everyone says these arnt scary, pa series scares me to death.





Paranormal fr. Ooohhh sshhhhiiiiiiittttt. Paranormal activity 5 cast. Paranormal xpeditions. Lol this logic never works in movies :S. OKAY JUST TAKE TWO YEARS TO RELEASE THIS.


This better be good cuz I actually wanna see it in cinemas. Did I hear the demon say the original. Lucky I was in the tolite I pissed my self. Try watch it in middle night and let me no if is scary or not u probably watch horror movies in day time.





Holy fuckin shit. Hoy la fui a ber en el cine y la verdad esta muy buena jaja espero les de tanto miedo como ami ahora se por que katy (la espoza de micka en la primer pelicula) lo mato. This is so fake. No one acts like that during a scary movie. شوفف Silent Hill موب ذاك الزود يخوف بس يمشي الحال.


Korktum mk. So essentially the Venom Symbiote is trying to tak over this girl so it can groom her to be the Marvel Spider-Man's greatest nemesis. I see. so THAT is what this has all lead up to. I knew the trailer for the Marked Ones trailer looked like a superhero origin story. It's been the Venom Symbiote the whole time looking for a rightful 'host' OF COURSE. 12.10.2015 Meet the Paranormal-X team. A team of paranormal investigators based in Rotherham and Barnsley (South Yorkshire) as we live stream with Lee Steer (Founder of Project-Reveal) on the Ghost Hunting.

Dude this is the place where I live It was filmed in Hunedoara Romania Corvin castle.




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